Want to change the Child Support system? Here's the place to post!
I am a parent in a blended family. As a parent who receives child support and now repartnered with someone who pays child support, I can assure you that it is equally frustrating from both sides. The system is so ridiculously complicated I have found it a rare occurrence that even those who have answered our many, many calls know what is going on or how to explain it adequately. The system is merely a calculator to work out who owes what to whom and that is all, don't ask them to deal with any problems that arise, because it is ineffectual and ill-equipped to do so. Serious review and reform is needed.
I doubt if the government will change the child support laws as the government makes a lot of money off us single mums.Child support agency gives the dead beat late payment fines that they take out first before passing on the money to the mother.THEN when the ex has a child support debt and doesn't do his tax and after they know when we let them know he is refraining on lodging it so we don't get the money from the tax return they will start sending him fines worth $550 a week till the ex counts up how much refund is left then it is zero they will then lodge it with the ATO putting a hold on it.the ATO stole $8000 of my exes tax return that they knew was the only chance of getting a cent of the debt.Who do we complain against the tax office? Case complain to the financial ombudsman or anyone at all? I'm sure there is nothing no one can do and no organisation will put in a complaint in to the government for us would they lol the government is using our child support as a money making business they even leave the money for all the child support in Australia to earn interest before giving it to the other parent .would love to know how much they earn off our backs.
The government WILL change things if we put pressure on them. I have a child with a disability- many actually- the NDIS has been brought in in response to lobbying.
WE have the power to change things.
There is a Federal Election really soon.
If you want change- then make a noise - get a lobby going.
That IS after all how Parenting payment came about.
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