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By Mama22
I'm sorry, I know I said I am not going to post anymore. I don't want to ever turn on single mothers, especially this forum as it's been so much more support than I have ever received - but this isn't right either - and you should know that.

You have watched me bleed absolute pain and injustice - injustices that are substantiated and leaves us in detrimental danger against powerful and well-connected lawyers - yet you al turned the other cheek.

I can see the hits my posts get - yet none of you offered any practical help. Even if you don't care about single mothers - surely there is someone that cares enough about legal integrity to want to look at the evidence and situation - not everyone in our legal system can be such cowards against the powerful??

I just wanted to say that. I know the misconduct will never end, because no-one dares to fight it - I mean really fight for our lives, because the profession means more than us.

I fight for single mums all of the time, for most of my life now. It would be nice if just once I felt like someone was fighting for me and my children and cared about what he was doing to us. Give me just one person that is independent that I can send evidence to, that is aware of everything - just incase he hurts us anymore than he already has - someone to follow the events this corrupt criminal lawyer, my former domestic violence lawyer has done - you would think that it would be of enormous public interest and single mothers, as well as women's rights groups and feminists (if they even exist) would be avidly following his conduct. That would've meant a lot.

Call me difficult just like everyone has attempted to portray me as - but I know this is legally and morally wrong and single mothers are not second class citizens.

One of my greatest wishes? A recording of the SSAT Directions and hearing - it would prove beyond any doubt misconduct by them both. It was cruelty beyond belief. There's just no justice against a corrupt criminal lawyer(s).
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By Mama22
I am going to post this in the hope that one day I will connect with these other women that also experienced legal misconduct by ex's that are lawyers. I feel like if we band together and support each other, it's the only way we will be able to lobby for change. It's such a shame I had to find this article on the men's rights website.

It's nice to know I'm not the only one, and you just have no chance against a lawyer. My case is a bit different as I was just his client, and there were so many clear laws he broke while I was the one persecuted by him and his fraternity for giving birth "against his wishes", but clearly this is something many other women are going through too. For me, it wasn't just the money, I can live with that, even as disgraceful as it is that the fraternity could allow that, and he even wrote to me after the proceedings gloating about how much he managed to use his power to financially abuse me and my family by representing himself. For me what's unforgiveable is the misconduct, how many laws he broke and how openly abusive he was towards me and my daughter with nothing but support. It wasn't about what was in my children's best interests - only his interests mattered, and certainly not the laws and legal rules in my opinion.

The less trancperancy, the greater to misconduct may be, such as tribunal cases - and there seems to be nothing you can do about it. Only they'll know why they acted the way they did and he was protected so much by his fraternity from any accountability for misconduct - but they will always know that what they did was wrong, no matter how they try to justify it to themselves. If they had any conscience or cared at all about integrity of the legal system, they would be very aware of the harm they've done. I have to let it go and just accept that there's nothing I can do to get justice and have these wrongs against me and my children rectified, and it will just continue no matter what the actual evidence shows, so I just need to move on. I hope one day I can link in with women that have gone through this or people that have some political power that are brave enough to stand up to it. Lawyers should not be treated as above the law. ... V2000.aspx