Is your child residing with your ex, a grandparent, or another guardian all or most of the time? Here is a forum just for you - mums with little or no custody or visitation.
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Hello everyone my name is Chloe and i have a 9 year old son who lives with his dad and a 4 year old daughter who i have full custody of. Just feeling a bit down and depressed as i never get to see my son. before my daughter was born i had full custody of him and my ex would see him on weekends but as he got older we did 50/50 custody. My ex got remarried and had a child of their own and now my son considers his step mum his mum. when i got pregnant with my daughter after a quick relationship i was a single pregnant mum and my son was hard to deal with towards the end of my pregnancy so it started that i only saw him on weekends. after my daughter was born they had my son for a month as i had a newborn on my own and needed family support at the time. eventually we agreed my son would spend most of his time with his dad and i would see him half of every school holidays. well now i dont even have that as i have mental illness and my ex doesnt think its safe for my son to be there and thinks i cannot cope with his behaviour as he has ADHD of course he thinks im the blame for this somehow. i need to beg basically to see my son. my ex and his wife are now pregnant with their second child and im feeling quite sad as they seem to have the perfect family and want to push me out of the picture. all i have is my daughter. i would call my son more often as my ex thinks i dont care, its not that at all. its because my is very intimidating and i hate having to talk to them when i only want to talk to my son! sorry for the rant just having a very off day and so many things are going at the moment. :(
Hi I just have to say that I sympathise with you a lot.
My ex has manipulated my 9 year old and I had a hard time dealing with his behaviour associated with ASD,adhd.
i miss him so much. And his father has lead my son to believe that I am a crazy person.
It's really sad.
yes it is upsetting and now he may have broad spectrum autism and my ex is blaming me for the way he is such as alcohol abuse etc which is completely NOT true. i hardly ever drank and it was my ex that gave a drink on the rare occasion because he thought i was missing out. On top of all this my daughters ex isn't paying me regular child support and im struggling big time grrrr this all gets too much for me sometimes :cry: