Is your child residing with your ex, a grandparent, or another guardian all or most of the time? Here is a forum just for you - mums with little or no custody or visitation.
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Ow I see... that's fair enough... I'd just love to be able to shoot multiple sources off when I'm on one of my academic and whistleblowing crusade rants hehe. I'll just have to take it one source at a time.

Today it's on Charles Pragnell and all of his work on psychopaths in the family court. He is a truly good human being with insight. Thank god for people like him that stand up for children, the truth and what is right. His work nails it for me and so many other women and their children that I know: ... gnell.html

Bless up and keep fighting the good fight! ❤️
I unwillingly went through the court process and found it yielded a fair outcome (albeit pointless and expensive). My ex partner began court proceedings. At the time he had repartnered and had another child with his new partner. I was single and I was living with my parents. I did not lose custody of my 4 year old son. My ex was only given fortnightly visitation (one night) which will eventually increase to two nights a fortnight plus half school holidays. The Family report writer could see that he had been an inconsistent presence in my sons life and that my exs mother was forcing him to remain involved to save face. He ended up settling and we came to an agreement before we went to trial because he ran out of money to pay ongoing legal fees. He is still inconsistent with care (forgot my sons bday and missed Fathers Day and Christmas) and my son often sleeps over at his grandmothers instead of at his fathers. I believe it was a successful outcome, even though I was absolutely terrified by the process at the outset. Focus on presenting yourself as calm, competent and an involved and available parent. Don't give up and stand firm in your belief that you are a good and capable parent and that it is in your children's best interests to have one stable home whilst having regular access to the other parent. I don't usually post on the form but feel that you need a little encouragement and support to not to feel intimidated or discouraged by the horror stories of another persons bad experience. Good luck.
I can honestly say that I relate to what your going thru. I have been judged because I am single. And he had been in his relationship since I divorced him in 2006.
But I refuse to stop there.
My kids want to be with me. They tell me over and over.
So I am back, fighting in Federal court to get my kids back.
I will stop at nothing for my kids happiness and safety

It has been trying 5 yrs since I have had my daughter with in my full care.. my son on the other hand.. he's now a teen and moved out of home.. so no control there. But the father used my son's mental illness (oppositional defiance disorder, adhd, depression and anxiety) against me in court stating my daughter is unsafe around him... but yet my 2 have the closest, most protective relationship

But I truly sympathise with you. . . It is a very hard road. But it's what is at the end of the tunnel that keeps me going each day
Hey, yes I feel like a plague on here and in like... I appear to be the epitome of 'damaged goods' but I will fight till my death for your rights, and with the legal fraternity out for blood that likely won't be too long lol

Just want to say that you're amazing. It would be so easy to give up in your situation, and who the hell can afford it as a single mother? No one! You're clearly doing all you can to not give in.

They can get new partners but nothing can replace the bond a mother has with her child. I'm sorry you're going through it. They don't have rights over your body and your children - they belong with you. May you be reunited soon - with all my heart I hope that. Full support to you.