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By Mmuummaa
Hello, We have already had an 11F. but have now been ordered to have a family report. What is the difference? I thought they were the same thing.
I am so stressed.
What do i need to know to be prepared?
By Sarah Lee
Hey there. I had a family report and then an 11f. An 11f is a lot shorter and less in depth, my understanding is it gives the court a quick idea of where the case is going in order for them to make interim orders in most cases. The family report took all day. It's really in depth and the reporter spends time with you, the kids, the other party and combinations of all of the above. They have (generally) looked at all the material already before the court and they will make recommendations to the court. There is a lot of weight put on a family report. Be honest but remember that everything you say can be put in the report. Be positive about the other parties relationship with the kids. Do not be negative. Always speak from the perspective of what is best for the kids. It's daunting and it's a long day. Try to look after yourself and get through it. Best of luck.