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By Mama22
:) I am so overjoyed that this post received some attention that it deserved.

Thank you administrator - I don't think it disclosed any personal details, and personally, I would love nothing more that for all details to become public because I have nothing to hide and I know that what I have dealt with is serious misconduct, and legal corruption, and I have no doubt that any objective person aware of the facts of the case and recordings would be compelled to also reach that same conclusion.

It's crazy the amount of control men have over women post-separation. I may not even be aloud to leave for a holiday with my children, even with sole custody of both children without dads consent. It's truly and utterly messed up the control given, even when they don't pay a cent of child support or have had any involvement of their child's life. I desperately need a holiday to heal, but my abuser will never let me while he travels the world, he doesn't believe I should leave the kitchen with 100% care, and our government supports and perpetuates his abuse and control over our lives.

Every dog has its day. Stay safe women and unite in the sisterhood - forever may we bond and protect.