Did you become a single mum by losing your partner? This forum is for you. Support, share, laugh and cry with each other in here if you feel like chatting to other mums that have been through the life-changing experience of losing a partner
By alone1973
This is my first visit here. Don;t know why i haven't thought of it sooner.
Anyhow my story is my partener died 10yr ago leaving me with our 9mth old daughter. It is now 10 years later and haven't moved on. I have a beautiful daughter but have never had another long term relationship and is causing problems with both of us. I have had a lot of dates and even short term relationships but haven't met anyone to move forward with. I just want to know if anyone else is living this life. As I only had a full family for a short time I am really anxious that we are missing out on something (also constantly reminded by friends and family). My crisis is I can't cope anymore with people constantly asking me why I don;t have a partner. Believe me it is not by choice and I would love to chat someone here that is in the same boat.
By singlecountrymum
ive been single for a little over two years now. i havent had a relastionship in that time i nkow its not the same. but i found in the area i live in there is limited men. i have more than myself to think about when it comes to finding someone they are have to be able to handle someone who will put a child first. i have friends who will tell me i need to get out more. but i found it hard to get out and meet someone. when i do go out its like seeing them same people all the time. im guessing that because my town has less than 3000 people in it. i get lonely and want that company but even then im scared about could happen ive been through alot in the last 10 years that has really set me back alot. trusting someone, and been able to trust them with my son.
By Melthenutter
Hi there

I too, was widowed at a young age (21) and I had an 11 month old boy and a 22 month old boy as well. That was 9 years ago now. Since then, I have re-married, had 2 more children, and been divorced.

I can relate very much to your sentiments about not quite moving on. A lot of (my part) in what went wrong with my 2nd marriage related to my intense feeling that 'this could end at any time' and my sense that nothing good could ever last...

Now I'm rebuilding again. And going so slowly. One foot in front of another...... Happy to chat with you more if you'd like to compare notes on the rebuilding process. My email is melthenutter@gmail.com

By ruthie
that 'this could end any time' feeling has been something I wrestle with in my second marriage, not only because our first marriages failed, but because of my husband's health issues. That sense of impending loss does effect us, sometimes a lot.
By Tsunamiqueen
I am was widowed at 22 with a 2 month old daughter. It's only been 14 months, but I already feel as though I really need to move on because if I don't I know I'm just going to miss him even more because it's all I've got to think about once my daughter is asleep. There is hope out there, my father in law lost his wife t 22 and remarried and has now been married for 35 years. Every story is different, but there is no rushing it.... I'm sure one day I'll stop comparing ever man to my partner. I hope things work out for you, or have done since this post